I Stole This Off Facebook

I saw this in a Facebook Friend's profile page, and it it was so funny I had to cut 'n paste. To quote Homer Simpson: 'It's funny because it's true!'. When I get drunk enough I'll blog about the night I set out to use the cheesiest pick up lines I could think of - and the hilarity that ensued...

Michelle is feeling rather bitter and is very tired of hearing the same old lines.
[You like this]

Venus at 8:37pm
"lie down babe, lets watch a movie!" *yawns and puts hand over body* hahahah.

Michelle at 8:45pm
hahahahahahahaha loves it..."I just never found the right girl until now"

Louise at 8:47pm
"I am looking for that one special person to share things with..." (like .... sex ... for example ... and not 'bills' ... as an example on the 'not-share' list!)

Venus at 8:50pm
"i just want to make love to youuuu. you're the hottest girl ever! kiss me mamacita!!"

Louise at 9:01pm
"Oh my God... I mean really... I never get hard like this... never"

Louise at 9:02pm
maybe we should write a self help book entitled 'Trendy, Rad and Never-Used-Before Pick Up Lines for Modern Don Juans'??!!

Brandi at 9:03pm
"I just feel like I want to wake up with you"

Michelle at 9:08pm
"U make me harder than any other girl,what is it about you"
Shit idk dude, must be why you aint txtd for days cus I made u so hard!
I wanna wake up with you too Brandi!!
The modern Don Juan ah sigh...i cant wait to go out tonite, maybe hear some new lines... step it up playas!

Louise at 9:09pm
"Look the thing is... I'm just confused"

Michelle at 9:19pm
"its not like we're dating"

Louise at 9:28pm
"It's just that... I've never been with anyone like you before"

I had to choke on the one above... (no that's not a line... it's my genuine reaction)

Michelle at 9:31pm

Robert at 12:26am
"My friend over there would like to know your phone number. He'll need to know how to pick me up from your place in the morning."

Halie at 3:01am
do you take pills????

Robert at 3:07am
Best pickup line ever is "I have Franch accent."

Michelle at 3:21am
lol..."I wanna make a bebe with you"

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