Cheap Sex Photo's On Facebook - The Dilemma Continues

The following is a cut 'n' paste from a discussion on Facebook. I'm interested in what you think. Do you deserve what you get? Are you going to be the next Pauline Hanson?:

Peter McLennan [posts a link to NZ Herald story, and makes this comment on his wall]:
Kiwi has his photo stolen from Facebook and used in ad. Maybe time to delete all your photos from FB?
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Nick D'Angelo at 12:39pm March 17
Yeah, bin wondering the same thing re Cheap Sex photos...

Jo Schmidt at 2:24pm March 17
Doesn't making them only accessible to your friends resolve this issue? (I do this with the ones of my baby, and I don't want his pics getting into the hands of weirdos.)

Nick D'Angelo at 2:29pm March 17
yeah, but CheapSex has 150+ friends - are they all still as cool as they were 10+ years ago? It's a tricky dilemma...

Jo Schmidt at 3:59pm March 17
Hmmm ... don't put photos of naked babies on the site?

Nick D'Angelo at 6:04pm March 17
nevermind naked babies ... it's the semi-naked ppl dancing on the bar at Squid who are now married with children ....

Jo Schmidt at 7:32pm March 17
Well, they just deserve what they get. (Luckily I know that group doesn't include me. I think.)

Ryan Ashton at 10:14pm March 17
You can't delete your photos can you thats the thing - read the T&C's they own everything you put in here and it's for sale....

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