The New Facebook Layout

The new Facebook layout means that whatever you write on someone's wall is not between just you and them, it's also between you and all your friends because it appears on their Home page too. Example:

Jonathan Surfing - its just suffering with less letters! Especially when the sun is shining, the surf is up and NO VEHICLE to get me there. Help!
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Shannon >>(Jonathan) I work with Nick Tansleys soon to be wife - very small world.
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Jonathan >>(Shannon) ah ha! well it's meant to be is'nt it! Cosmic co-incidence gateway... Fancy looking at surfboards in your lunchbreak today? (if you get one!)
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Shannon sorry no can do today - but friday lunchtime maybe?
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The above is just an innocent example, but I've seen plenty of others from my many Facebook friends that have made me cringe (and laugh) thinking "WTF have I said that I thought was private, but wasn't?"

So now you know, if you want it private, use the email function on Facebook - not The Wall.

Oh yes, and the other thing that is not private is the Quiz you took. Nothing wrong with taking a Quiz, but when you do 10 in a row and all your results are posted to our Home Pages ... well, I hope you're not doing it at work because your Boss will find out. Just because your workplace hasn't blocked access to TradeMe and Facebook doesn't mean the I.T. department isn't tracking individual useage and seeing who's on at lunch time (okay) and who's on during work time (not okay)...

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  1. hahahahahaha it displays on your newsfeed what you've written on someone elses wall but im pretty sure its still private. people with open profiles' walls can be seen....but if in doubt use the "inbox" to gossip!