Sex on Smallville

I've started watching the latest series of Smallville again (well, the latest one screening here in NZ), thanks to my fabulous HDD Recorder. It screens on Friday nights about 11pm - which is when I'm usually out partying with a bevy of drop dead beautiful women all vying for my sexual favours. Honest.

Anyway, as I said on Facebook, I make no apology for watching a show with a target demographic half my age. I grew up reading Superman comics and I understand the Kal-El history/mythology (unlike those moronic Marvel comics) and the TV show is an interesting take on all that. I love the guest appearances by a young Flash, Green Arrow, or Aquaman, and that chick from the acne commercial isn't bad either. Kristin Kreuk, I think ... the one who plays Lana.

Before I had my HDD Recorder I kinda stopped watching the show after the first or second series. I mean it's fun to watch when you have some free vegging out time, but I couldn't actually be bothered staying home/up to watch it. I saw the Box Set at the local DVD Rental outlet but like, it's not worth paying money for - is it?

Well maybe it is.

Turns out Lana and Clark Kent have ...HAD SEX... in one of the episodes I missed. Oh.My.God!! As a young teen reading the comic the perennial question was always "how can Superman have sex without killing the woman?" I mean, think about it: if he's 'faster than a speeding bullet/more powerful than a locomotive' then surely his ejaculate would shoot right up and through her. Killing her. We all know guys are selfish when it comes to getting their end away but you'd have to be a complete bastard to have sex with someone knowing it would kill them. It certainly brings new meaning to the phrase 'fucking your brains out'...

Evidently Lana and Clark 'did it' during the time he lost his powers. And Warner Bros TV didn't shy away from showing it, as you can see here:

Of course when Clark got his powers back they had to stop - until the writers conveniently gave Lana super powers too. And then they were all on again:

As you can see (if you're reading this via Facebook you won't - so click on 'View Original Post' below) the above video has been tweaked by a fan to insert some additional sex metaphors. Watching YouTube I'm constantly amazed by the devotion fans show to a subject (no matter how obscure) but they do, and they love re-editing and tweaking clips.

Finally: this one is quite pervy ... and it reminded me of how often Clark (Tom Welling) get's stripped naked in the show (very homo-erotic):

UPDATE - 10/3/09 - Weird! No sooner do blog about it than the episode I refer to above (Lana and Clark having sex after Lana gains super powers) screens in NZ. Wow, we really are late here. The episode was made in 2007!

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