The OSCARS are on this afternoon (Monday here, but still Sunday night in Hollywood) but since they're only on SKY TV I won't be watching. And with Hugh Jackman hosting (more on him after the clip below) I'm in no rush to go to a bar to watch it. My taste is more towards Ellen or Jon Stewart, because they're funny, but I'm in the minority because evidently the ratings when they hosted were bad. Very bad.


To be honest, I'm over the OSCARS anyway. They've become too predictable, and since the Studio's started their mega PR wars to win the votes pre-event I'd rather bet on a Don King sponsored prize-fight.

Anyway. Here's a fun little parody trailer for The Reader, starring Kate Winslet (it's widely assumed that Kate will win something for something today):

PREDICTION: Hugh Jackman may do a 'good' job as host of the Oscars but he will do irreparable harm to his Wolverine franchise. I don't care how buff he is, you're never going to take him seriously as Wolverine again after seeing him sing and tapdance in a Top hat:

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