Strange TV

There's a couple of strange TV programming choices that caught my eye. Strange only to people with young children, so if you don't have any then this blog is 2 minutes of your life you don't have to waste.

TV3 start screening Family Guy this Sunday night at 8pm, right after the Simpsons. The first one is great, even if it does touch on 'adult themes' from time to time (Marge gets a boob job, Homer has an affair, Marge likewise). The second one is also great but is in no way way suitable for young kids. The current promo for the show on TV3 says it all: a doctor pulls a wheelchair out of a vagina (if you watch the show, like I do, you'll understand why). The problem for those of us with young kids is that TV3 are promoting both of those shows together, as a package. Meaning we're going to have whiney kids at 8pm throwing a tween tantrum and demanding to watch the show.

The solution may seem simple: be a parent and tell your kids its time for bed. Explain to them it's a cartoon for grown-ups and they can watch it when they're older. Much older.

Yeah, right. Those 'solutions' are for people who've never had children, or Ned Flanders. My 7 year old daughter has seen Family Guy (via C4 and a babysitter we won't use again) and loves Stewie Griffin. Every time the promo comes up she squeals and demands to watch Family Guy. I tried watching a few episodes with her but it was horrific: non-stop extended vomiting, a talking Dog trying to have sex with Lois, Lois in full BDSM gear whipping Peter who's restrained and wearing a ball gag.

Yeah, try explaining all that to a 7 year old. We stopped watching it after that.

So why should you stop watching it just because it's not suitable for young kids? The answer is you shouldn't. All I want is for TV3 to stop promoting both shows together, in the same on-air promo. They're the ones trying to build the idea that they're a package and it's already working on my kid. She's very excited about seeing Stewie again this Sunday. But it aint gonna happen.

In another weird scheduling decision TV2 are screening Girlicious at 11am on Saturday mornings. This is a 'reality' show (we all know that there's nothing real about 'Reality TV' don't we? It's all manipulated by the show producers) where attractive young women aged 18-23 vie to be in a new pop group being created by the people who created The Pussycat Dolls. Actually, the show makes some tenuous claim that it's PSD themselves who are forming this off-shoot, meaning at least one of them pops up at least once during this show for a minute or three, but that's BS.

Anyway, what's wrong with this show is that it screens at a time when a whole bunch of preteen and teenage girls are most likely to see it. And what do they see: contestants cat-fighting all the time, shouting bleeps at each other, and then trying to decide which outfit makes them look like the biggest skank. Great. And then after that they have to dance like hoes, swinging on poles or writhing on the floor or grinding up on some male models that the producers have seen fit to bring into the contestants house.

Oh look, surprise surprise, one of the contestants and one of the models have snuck off to a bedroom to hook up. And she's got a boyfriend at home! Great TV, but not really the messages we want to be sending to young girls is it? Again, the obvious answer is don't let your kids watch it, or watch it with them and discuss the issues raised.

Yeah, right.

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