I'm On A Bridge! (Muthafukkers!!)

For the past month or so we've all been inundated with tweets and Facebook status updates saying "I'm On A Boat". Yes, very witty -- the first two times...

Today I went one better: I'm On A Bridge! No less than the Auckland Harbour Bridge, which is normally CLOSED to pedestrians and cyclists. I joined thousands of other Aucklanders this morning in pushing past the Police barricades and walking onto the Harbour Bridge via the Curran Street on-ramp. The Police tried to stop us, but they were hopelessly out-numbered (and they knew it) and we pushed past.

It was all very exciting, as you can imagine. We may not all be able to steal a million or four from a bank, but by crikey we can all cross a bridge if we damn well want to. The protest action was organised by who have been agitating for bridge access for some time.

Once on the bridge you can see why 'they' (the Transit Authority) don't want to provide any access for pedestrians and cyclists -- the view is too blardy amazing! Especially on a day like today. If they did create an access lane it would be clogged with cyclists and pedestrians stopping to enjoy the vista.

Anyhoo, a picture tells a thousands words so I've downloaded some raw unedited photos to Facebook. You can see them here.

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