Today Is The Day ... Obama

So the United States of America has inaugurated their first non-white President. Barrack Hussein Obama. What a momentous day. Seriously. This is a nation that 'enjoyed' slavery 160 years ago, and still had racial segration (legal!) 60 years ago.

Already there has been a lot of glib talk by right wing commentators along the lines of 'why the fuss?' and 'get over it - Obama is not the Messiah'. Of course not, no-one said he was - although the right wing tried to paint him as such in order to mock him and his supporters. They've built him up - so that they can then claim he's failed if the Global Economic Crisis is not solved by Christmas. (Yes, Obama must not only Save America, he must Save The World).

The truth is that Obama does hold out the best hope for change globally. His inauguration speech (if you listened carefully) was a damning indictment on the sh!t that Bush has been shovelling out for the past 8 years.

We understood the pain America felt after 9/11 and we allowed them their mistakes immediately after, but when they re-elected Bush in 2004 we shook our heads and said 'You folks are crazy'. Crazy because they couldn't see what seemed so obvious to us: they'd taken a turn down the wrong path, refused to acknowledge it, and seemed hell bent on continuing forward. All the while trying, expecting, that we would follow.

Hell no!

But now there is hope. Obama says the right things and soon we shall see if he can do the right things. If the US can prove they're off the meth then I'm happy to be their friends again. I'll be keeping one eye on them at all times, as I would any P head, but I'm happy to give them a chance.

Keith le Blanc 'No Sellout'

David Bowie (w/ Nine Inch Nails) 'I'm Afraid of Americans'

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