I'll Have My Latte At The Mevlana Cafe, Thanks.

Isn't it funny how many people from Invercargill were willing to get out and picket the Mevlana Cafe because the owner refused to serve two Israeli women their morning coffee - because of Israel's actions in Gaza. I wonder how many of those same people would also be willing to protest Israel's decision to use White Phosphorous bombs on the Palestinian population in Gaza?

Israel claim that Phosphorous is only used to light up the sky, but the reality is that it doesn't burn up before hitting the ground, and whatever it hits it burns to buggery. If you get hit with Phosphorous you're fucked, plain and simple. Last week Israel used phosphorous to burn down a U.N. warehouse in Gaza containing it's food and medical aid. The Israeli's claim that Hamas were firing rockets at Israel from the immediate vicinity of the warehouse - which is their mantra everytime they blow up a school or hospital and kill civilians: "Hamas were firing rockets from there - blame Hamas"

As I said, Phosphprous burns white hot and deep, and if it hits a kid they're scarred badly ... terribly ... for life. I totally get that Israel need to stop Hamas from firing mortars from Gaza into Israel but their methods are wholly unacceptable. What a pity the good citizens of Invercargill couldn't get behind a cafe owner's decision to protest what Israel are doing with White Phosphorous in Gaza, instead of rallying to ensure two Israeli's get their Flat White.

Our Human Rights Commission have already said that the Cafe is in the wrong:

Race Relations Commissioner Joris de Bres said refusal to serve someone based on their nationality was a clear human rights breach.

"Whatever the rights and wrongs of the situation in Palestine, it is simply against the law for providers of goods and services in New Zealand to discriminate in this way," he said.

That's all well and good Mr de Bres, and I suppose you'll also be telling our cake decorators they're wrong to refuse to sign a cake "Adolf Hitler"?

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