Party Cancelled Because Of Me?

I don't know if you've twigged, but Facebook (like the internet in general) is choc' full of 'professional' people using 'social networking' to sell their wares. Many of whom try to market their sexual goods, but in a manner not to annoy Facebook. Some aren't very good at it (the "Lube My Tits" group only lasted a few hours before being removed) whilst others are still on, and have amassed 14,829 friends.

I should know because "I" am one of them. Not me of course but an alter ego I created to see how many friends I could get even tho' I don't know them. My alter ego has 555 friends, none of whom he actually knows, but waaaaay more than me.

Anyway. being on Facebook with lots of friends means you are constantly invited to everything. My alter ego was invited to "Presenting Footsie Foot Parties" so naturally I accepted. Unfortunately the organisers took their event seriously. Very seriously.

First I got this email:

Facebook to: me

Bailey sent a message to the members of Presenting Footsie Foot Parties.

Subject: Footsie


You have stated you are attending our "Foot Party" however neither myself or Cindy Ray have had any kind of contact with you.

In order for you to get a ticket you must contact us as we would need to discuss things and make arangements with you.

If we do not hear from you by 12noon tomorrow we will presume you will not be attending and you will be taken off the attendee list on the group. If you are serious and do wish to attend then I recommend that you email Cindy Ray ASAP to qualify for your ticket!!!!

Please act quickly as there are limited tickets avalible to this exclusive gathering.


then I got this email:

Facebook to: me

Cindy canceled the event "Presenting Footsie Foot Parties".

The Facebook Team

Oh dear! Imagine if I threw a Cheap Sex Re-Union Party and no-one showed up?

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