Kylie Minogue performs at Auckland's Vector Arena tonight and tomorrow. To celebrate (if you're a fan) here are some Kylie clips. I wouldn't class myself as a fan, but I do acknowledge some of her dance floor hits are very good ("Locomotion" not so)

I met Kylie once when I lived in Quay West. I opened my door and there she was, just like in one of those 'celebrity fantasy' letters you see in Penthouse Forum. (BTW - does anyone actually read porn anymore? It seems like such a dated concept: holding a magzine. I'm sure if you discussed it with young boys today [but who would, because that would open up a can of worms in itself] they'd say "Magazine's? WTF?")

Anyway, it was Kylie but she wasn't wearing her gold hotpants and she hadn't come to f@#k my brains out. It turns out she was in the apartment next door doing press interviews for her new album. (Quay West is an 'Apartment Hotel', with half the apartments used by owners as residences and the other half leased to the Hotel).

I was about to say "Hi" and tell her about how I'd also met her sister Dannii back in 1991 when I worked (briefly) at 91FM, but thought the better of it. So I just said "Hi". She said "Hi" back and then told me I was quite tall (I wasn't, but Kylie is quite short so I guess everyone is tall to her) and that she liked tall men and pushed me back into my apartment - undoing my belt at the same time ...

At least that's what I think happened ...

Blue Monday:

Kylie vs Madonna:

This one is soooo Gay Disco:

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