Silence Is Golden

I've been quiet because I've been locked out of my Google accounts for over a week. Turns out I wasn't, I just needed to clear the cache after upgrading FireFox, but there you go. (They shoulda said!!)

But I've missed out on the opportunity to blog about the Obama election (YAY!) and the NZ election (Go Maori Party!). Is there any point now? I know it's just the staunch Labourites who still give a shit. Gotta give props to Key for getting the MP on board - that should balance out any crap ACT try to pull.

And I've finally got (I think) the photo thing sorted, but it's such a pain I can't be arsed today. Maybe next time.

Besides, since no-one actually bothers to comment on the pics I post on Facebook ... why bother?

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