Did you know I used to be on TV too?

I thought I should point out that when I made the statement "did you know I used to be on TV too?" in an earlier post, I wasn't being serious. Lest you think I'm vain, which I'm not, but which is what people on TV generally are.

Yes, I was on TV but only briefly and only in a supporting role on a blink-and-you'll miss-it TV show waaaay back in 1989. That's like, last century, and so doesn't count. And even if it did count my on-screen performances were so bad that the good folks at TVNZ were kind enough to make a little compilation clip -- which was passed around behind my back and shown at parties. Not that I knew, I only found out about it years later.

I enjoyed the experience, but clearly my talents were better suited to writing than performing. I'll write a proper blog about that experience later, but I just wanted you know that I'm not as vain as some people presume I am (and there's another story there too, which I'll also discuss at a later date) just because I attempt to be self-deprecating and say things like "Did you know I used to be on TV too?".

I wuz joking!

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