The Jean Claude Van Damme story...

So I met this guy who told me this story and swears it's true...

He was working in a major Sydney hotel (name and job title I'll with hold) in the 90s and their guest was action movie star Jean Claude Van Damme*, who had been flown in for the launch of the local Planet Hollywood restaurant.  After the launch came the 'after-party' and after that Van Damme retired to the Penthouse suite with two very hot smokin' babes.

In the wee small hours the story-teller was summoned to Van Damme's suite by the dimunative (that's code for 'short') action star himself. When he entered the room he found Van Damme prone on the floor, naked. He was jerking his still hard cock, even though there was cum all over his belly. Behind him on the kingsize bed, apparently passed out, were the two women, also naked. And dishevelled. There also appeared to be what looked like a lot of cocaine around the room.

Van Damme seemed agitated (high?) and was barking out orders at my story-teller. Actually it was the same order: he wanted more women, these women (on the bed) were useless, he wasn't finished yet, he was still hard/horny, and he wanted more women brought to him NOW! The guy never told me if he procurred more women for Van Damme but he did say that the whole time he was in that suite 'The Muscles From Brussels' never once stopped jacking his cock while talking to him - and that Van Damme seemed completely oblivious to what he was doing (vigourously).

* real name: Jean-Claude Camille Francois Van Varenberg

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