Texting While Driving is SAFE!

The Minister of Transport is proposing a law change to make it illegal to use a mobile phone while driving. This is just the kind of PC bullshit we voted Labour out for - so why is National doing it? Everyone knows that using a phone whilst driving a vehicle is okay and perfectly safe.

And I can prove it. I witnessed the following (true story!):

I saw a Courier Driver coming down Wyndham Street. As anyone who has stumbled out of The Crow Bar or WBC knows, it's a 30 or 40 degree gradient. The street intersects at the bottom with Queen Street, where I was waiting to cross.

The traffic light went Orange, so the driver sped up. Not fast enough, because the light went red. But the driver didn't care and swung his van through the intersection, turning right into Queen Street. We had the Little Green Man, but we were wise enough not to Cross Now.

He was only a few metres from me, and I was close enough to see that he was steering with one hand ... and texting on his mobile phone with the other.

No-one was killed, no-one was crippled, ergo Texting While Driving is SAFE!

(NB - if viewing this via Facebook you will need to click original link to see videos)

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