"I Shot The Prick"

The interweb was abuzz yesterday when news emerged that the NZ Supreme Court had released an audio recording of the part of David Bain's 111 phonecall that had been suppressed from his trial for the murder of his entire family.

Bain had just been acquitted but many of the public still considered him to be guilty (my own opinion on his guilt or innocence has flip flopped so many times I now just STFU) and the release of this tape just proved it.

Why? Because on the tape he can be heard blurting out "I shot the prick" to the 111 emergency call operator.

Wow. That is pretty damning stuff. It had evidently been ruled inadmissible by the Judge after the Defence successfully argued that it would be prejudicial to their case. Which in itself was pretty damning.

So that afternoon the internet and talkback radio was ablaze with people incensed that Bain had clearly gotten away with murder. Murder? - he’d slaughtered his family!

What a pity then that no-one had actually heard the audio recording before passing judgement. When the media finally got hold of it by late afternoon it was obvious why the Court had suppressed it: it was garbage. If you haven’t already heard it for yourself you can hear it here. To me it just sounded like the gasping of a panicked person who’d rushed to the phone to call 111 and alert the authorities that his family was all dead. I could possibly accept that he’s gasping “I can’t breathe” (as others have suggested) but there’s NO way he’s saying "I shot the prick" as the Police allege.

And this allegation only surfaced in 2007, in time for this latest trial. In previous trials the alleged "I shot the prick" comment was missed (because it’s not there!), even after detailed audio forensic work on the recording to try and clean up the sound.

The whole thing is bunkum and if you were one who seized on it yesterday then you need to check yourself. Just because a Policeman says it is so doesn’t make it so. They make shit up all the time and will happily lie (either directly or by omission) to suit their own purposes. They’re fuckers, I hate them.

Which is also immaterial to Bain’s guilt or innocence...

FWIW: I still think he did it.

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