Kurt Is Dead - Long Live The New Kurt!

Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) died today in 1994. Or he died tomorrow, if you're a Northern Hemisphere reader.


It's always a bummer when someone dies, ESPECIALLY IF THEY KILL THEMSELF! Cobain shot himself because ... who knows? He's dead, we can't ask him. Evidently he was sick of the back pain (it was serious) and the drug treadmill he couldn't escape. And the fans - which is kinda ironic.

Cobain once said "I'd rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not". Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, idolized him and he hated it. He knew that with all his flaws and problems, he was no idol. He wrote songs expressing his contempt for the people who raved about his music but didn't understand it, and didn't understand him. [source]

I don't know the guy and never bought one of his records, so I can take comfort in knowing I wasn't responsible for his death. (Pssst - it was Courtney. She shot him!) That doesn't mean I didn't like some of his music. And this is a song I loved. Evidently Cobain came to hate it, because it was so successful and brought him an audience he didn't want.

Oh - so maybe I am partly responsible for his death. Oh well, I love this song, so fuck him...


  1. Kurt Cobain was a genius, a true talent whose music will never grow old. His pain and anguish was so vividly translated into his amazing melodies & lyrics, which eminated from the deep dark recesses of his soul ..... a soul now at peace.

  2. I can't argue with you there Lambsuga!