Some Facebook Memories

I've set up a group on Facebook and some people have already posted comments on the Wall there ...

A few samples:

Phoebe wrote:
i remember, just. barney and glenn have lots of photos from these parties... we were so underage too, the bouncers snuck us in it was awesome

Adrian wrote:
having staffies on a sunday morning at squid, leaving with kev the hat
and falling down the stairs, crashing in a heap at the bottom
(first flight only from the top bar)
day people in vulcan lane looking at us well weird.

Craig wrote:
School on monday was always a challenge after teenage drag at Squid!

Timothy wrote:
yep remeber these nights well hot as

Owen wrote:
hahhaha i remember that floor fallin in one night..and dodgyness on the couches by the toilet.hehhe fantastic times

Bryce wrote:
My only memory is working bar with Gav Downie, stripped to the waist, smothered in cooking oil, with 'BITCH' written in lipstick on my chest. Good times, good times...

Chad wrote:
I have only pictures in my mind. They are not pretty.

Mervyn (Italy):
First time I ever wore a gimp outfit in public.......ohhhhhhh so wrong...

Conrad wrote:
I have a few print photos somewhere. And great memories. Excellent party fun times they were, like the best ever.

Jo wrote:
I also went the Sleaze Ball but I think I passed out under some chairs and a couple of drag queens found me there in the morning.. how very embarrassing!

David wrote:
Whichever beer it was, it tasted like shit.
ahh feijoa! how i remember the fumes..........

Grant wrote:
I have a picture of me dressed in drag somewhere...the only time this has ever happened, will try and dig it out.

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